Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ignoring Each Other? The Hirschsprung Family And The Smartphones

The portrait of The Hirschsprung Family, by the Danish painter Peder Severin Krøyer, was posted on Facebook,by Scott E. Bartner, with this amusing caption:
“How people ignored each other before smartphones”
Indeed the seven members of the  Danish/German Jewish family in the painting, are gathered on the balcony, no one talks and they hardly acknowledge one another.
The two boys, leaning on the baluster railing on the far right, stare intently at something, which takes place in the garden beneath the balcony.The father stands at the center of the painting, next to his two older sons and the three of them read a newspaper. On the other side, are the women: the mother and the only daughter. They are holding some kind of a needlework on their laps, but they do not work. Instead, the girl is smiling at something beyond the scope of the painting. The mother gazes at the same direction, and at the same time she is glancing approvingly at the girl.
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