Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Please Don't Tell Me Everything: A Mother's Viewpoint on the Big Tri

I can’t stop thinking about the mother of the young Israeli who was traveling in the Andes in Western Peru and after feeling unwell, took a bus to get medical help in the capital, Lima, but died before she was able to get there.
The instant messages between mother and daughter, during the last hours of her life, became public. In them the daughter wrote that she was in trouble and the mother, who got the messages few hours later, expressed her hope that by then her daughter was doing better. Those comforting and familiar words of the mother make this tragedy so real and personal.
The accessibility of different modes of communication such as WhatsApp and Skype, makes staying in touch with the traveling kids much easier. As today WIFI could be found even in the most remote places on the globes, it seems that the youngsters have not gone far. Indeed many of them keep in touch with life here in Israel, and in turn their parents almost participate in the journey.
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