Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Ingenious Invention of "Like" Or The Revival of Bragging

I once heard the Israeli lyricist Ahud Manor (1941--2005) say on the radio that with the death of his parents came the sad realization that from that point onward he had no one to brag to. It was a sincere and sobering insight. Since in most cases our parents are eager to hear all about our success, sharing it with them in great detail, is not even considered bragging. We merely humor our parents, and if unfortunately we don't have any good news to report, it is our duty to think of something, even the smallest accomplishment, to brighten their day. 
But this happy arrangement  tragically ends once our parents are no longer with us. Unfortunately no one else in the world (not even our partners, siblings, best friends, or PhD advisers) is that invested in our success. Those who are close to us at best tolerate our bragging, but in the rest of the world it is regarded as bad form.

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