Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Young, Restless and Extremely Gifted: The Israeli Painter Zoya


You can never know what you will find on Facebook, I often think of it as a virtual bazaar or a giant T.J.  Maxx  store. It offers an array of unrelated, mostly irrelevant, information. However,  there is always a chance to  find a real  gem.
The  painter Zoya Obianuju Cherkassky-Nnadi  is such a gem. I was first introduced to her when someone shared on my wall several paintings from her series “Aliya 91.” Those paintings realistically depict scenes from the new reality of the Russian immigrants who came to Israel in the early 90s (the young Zoya and her family were among them). The paintings were clever, funny and insightful.
Looking at the one devoted to the Russian culture week in Ashdod, I found myself laughing out loud even though it wasn't really funny.
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