Thursday, September 25, 2014

IMA Is More Important Than

Going north on Ayalon highway you can’t miss the eye-catching yellow building with the word IMA  (mother in Hebrew) in huge letters and beneath in smaller prints: “is more important than.”  Even once the full sentence is revealed with the rest of the word IMA--GINATION and we are reminded that it is a quote from Albert Einstein, the word IMA  remains with us.
So if IMA is that important, how come so many women today  still have to struggle in their roles as mothers and career women?  The other day I heard an inspiring yet somewhat disturbing story. It was about the challenges of a young Israeli career woman-- a mother, in the relentless business world. Her daughter celebrated her birthday at the preschool and had warned the  mother that if she failed to show up to the party on time, she would dismiss her as a mother
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