Friday, February 20, 2015

Only The Best For Me: Rationing And Conspicuous Consumption.

When we were graduate students at a State University in the Midwest, we had a visitor from Israel, a classmate of my husband from his undergraduate years at the Technion. At night we sat around and talked about graduate school. At one point the friend argued that if it wasn't a PhD program in an Ivy League University, it wasn't worth the trouble of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. I remember how surprised I was at that statement. The Technion was indeed a fine institute in Israeli standards, but I had never noticed that the students there were better than their counterparts at the State University where we studied.
Yet, apparently, quite a few graduate students at the Technion  believed that they deserved only the best: nothing else would do.
I was reminded of that attitude when I heard about the exorbitant expenses at the home of our Israeli Prime Minister.
In spite of their noble comportment, our first couple, Benjamin and Sarah Netanyahu, are not aristocrats
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