Thursday, February 5, 2015

Refresher Driving Course And Happier Times At Hura

Back in the States, when it was time to renew our car insurance we received once, among the other official papers, an offer to take defensive driving-- a refresher course.  In return we were guaranteed a sizable discount on our payments. It sounded like a very good deal and we decided to attend. We were not the only ones, there were at least forty other people  in the room and they all came for the same reason. The course was informative and entertaining and at its end we got the necessary document  for the insurance.
That was the way things were done in the US, incentives are often used in order to bring about change. But things are different here in Israel. I was reminded of this course  yesterday, when I heard an interview on Hakol Dibourim (It’s All Talk). Adi Meiri spoke with a  driving instructor who teaches defensive driving to those who are required to take a refresher course after five years on the road. The instructor said that even experienced drivers are not aware of all the new regulations, and suggested a refresher course every 15 years.
The instructor was right. There are, of course the mandatory defensive driving courses for  drivers who committed traffic violations.
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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, I agree with you that defensive writing lessons are extremely important.

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    1. Thank you very much for reading and commenting:-)

  3. Hi Oma,

    I also think the same way, all the driver should take refresher driving course in every 10 -12 years. So that they will be aware of new rules and regualtion. It is very important to know that, to prevent and decrease accident. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    keep blogging.

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    1. Thank you for trading my post and for your kind comment