Sunday, February 28, 2016

Don't Block My View With Your Disabilities: The Case Of Yonah Yahav

I don’t mean to justify what Yonah Yahav, the mayor of Haifa, said about moving the home for troubled kids from their previous residence, in one of the poor areas of Haifa, to a new house, in one of the most desirable neighborhoods, Merkaz Hacarmel.
It is inexcusable and inhuman. However,Yahav is hardly the problem, and although we should condemn his bigotry and his hateful public expressions, he is only the symptom, and it is hypocritical to blame him for all the ills of our society.
Next to my parents home in one of the quiet neighborhoods on the Carmel Mountain, very close to that Merkaz Hacarmel (center of the Carmel Mountain), that Yonah Yahav so bravely protected, there was a care center for autistic kids. We frequently saw them taking group walks, and every so often we heard very loud screams. One day, when I visited my parents, one of the neighbors knocked on the door, she was there to collect signatures to have the center removed.
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