Saturday, February 13, 2016

Listen To Facebook: Don’t Forget To Call Your Parents Today

For billions of users Facebook is a reflection of what they wish their world to be. Some see it as a mere meeting place with friends, others use it as a  a tool  to promote different ideas and beliefs. But for those in need of guidance, Facebook can serve as a source of instant universal truths, with endless quotes and proverbs, from philosophers to religious leaders, about all aspects of life.
I saw one of those aphorisms this morning on my Facebook page. It focuses on sharing special moments with our parents now, since later they will not be here. The late songwriter Ehud Manor (1941-2005) once said that with the loss of his parents he also lost the opportunity to brag. It is so true, bragging to your parents about your success is not bragging at all, it could almost be considered honoring your father and your mother.
This is my essay about the challenges in fulfilling this commandment.
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