Monday, February 22, 2016

Contempt Of Erudition And The Council For Higher Education

For several years I too worked in the same college where Rivka Wadmany Shauman, the elected deputy head of the Council For Higher Education, spent much of her career. Most people probably never heard of the small Teachers College of Technology, in one of the quiet streets in the old north of Tel Aviv. At that time this school was affiliated with The College Of Management, and I taught in the two institutions.
Like Cheers, the Teachers College of Technology was a place “Where everybody knows your name.” It was an intimate place. But even though it was  a college that taught technology, the technological aspect of the institution was ill funded and quiet unimpressive. The college did not resemble an academic institution, it looked and operated like an old backward high school.
The students did not choose the college because of the love of technology and teaching but since there were almost no entrance requirements: everyone was welcome. The college also offered an attractive stipend, (half of the tuition)  which made the place even more attractive. Thus since the students in the Teachers College of Technology got a teaching certificate, their tuition was half of that of the students  in the College Of management.
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