Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Do We Indulge Or spoil Our Children? It Depends On The Language

Yesterday  a group of us sat around the table for Shabbat dinner. We didn't discuss world peace or the chance to finally bring it to the Middle East. The most burning issue was the high price of housing, which makes life in Israel hard, especially for young people.

This is not a new problem, when we were young my husband and I could not afford to  buy an apartment since, unlike the US,  it was not possible to put  only 10% or 20 % down payment and to borrow the rest from the bank.  We had to come up with most of the money upfront, so we rented.

The rule of thumb in rent, we were told, is that payment should not exceed one third of the monthly income: we were lucky to be able to keep it at that level. However,

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