Monday, January 19, 2015

Don’t Listen To the Naysayers, Bring About Change

I never knew it had a name, but the other day I saw on American television a commercial for a high speed internet. In order to persuade the viewers to purchase that product, the narrator pleaded “don’t listen to the naysayer.”  This is how I first discovered that, in the US, naysaying is a familiar and toxic type of behavior which merits a warning
The naysayer, according to the dictionary, is a person who says something will not work or is not possible: a person who denies, refuses, or opposes something. From my experience, naysaying is a form of avoidance, the naysayer is not  the brave Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike to save his country,, but is the one to always find a reason why not to act.
We meet the naysayers in all walks of life
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