Friday, June 19, 2015

"Price Tag" And Some Left Wing Blunders

About two year ago,  when the name “Price Tag” started to become a house-hold name, I came across an announcement that Peace Now was organizing  bus tours to the occupied territories. The purpose of those excursions was to educate the public about the effects of this new brand of Israeli terrorism.
Immediately I signed up, I had to see for myself the other side, to check what the map looked like in reality, and to hear more about those disturbing activities. Like many Israelis, I have never even been to Ariel, (the only Israeli city across the green line) and it is only 30 minutes drive from Tel Aviv.
The tour's destination was the area which was hit most by settlers’ terrorism. We visited the Palestinian village of Kousra where, at that time, ten settlers from a nearby settlement were caught after they had come to vandalize the village
Then we drove up to the next hill to see the place where the settlers came from.
Please keep reading in the Times Of Israel

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