Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Where Ignorance Is Bliss”: Bashing The Whistleblower

Although the Western German film, The Nasty Girl (1990) is not directly about feminism, it is no coincidence that the heroine, Sonja, is an intelligent and curious school girl, the pride and joy of her small town.The film is based on the biography of the journalist Anna Rosmus who grew up Passau in Bavaria. The nasty Girl is an example of the intolerable price that one brave whistleblower ends up paying for discovering and exposing the truth.
When young Sonja decides to enter an essay competition and chooses the topic: “My town during the third Reich,” she has no idea what this topic entails. Moreover, she doesn’t know anything about, her town, Pfilzing’s Nazi past, and can’t imagine the Pandora Box she is about to open. As she embarks on a quest to discover what really happened in her quaint little town, she threatens to expose forgotten secrets, which were hidden for almost 50 years.
This seemingly innocuous assignment, takes over Sonja's life and gradually shatters her world, and that of the people close to her. The townspeople unite against her and from being the town’s darling Sonja becomes an outcast.
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